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Have Realistic Expectations on Webcam

Have Realistic Expectations on Webcam

One of the most terrifying jobs I ever decided to try was webcamming. I had been stripping for the past few years and I hadn’t touched anything other than Facebook and Instagram. How was I supposed to learn what all of the different terms and buttons meant? I watched models on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams for a month before I decided I could at least try, which is a great place for you to start.

The first thing you’ll notice is that every model has their own style. Similarities do occur because there are only so many games to play with your members and the general idea of what you should price things at are similar. Don’t worry if you should resemble another model or even have people associate you to them. I’m not suggesting you completely plagiarize someone’s hard work, but know that if you happen to have similar looks or interests, it’s alright. It will take some time for you to understand what lighting is going to work best for you, what games to play and everything else about camming. Remember it will all come together in time. Camming is not something that you can instantly see results with like stripping. This is a long haul career type job that takes time and patience to master.

Now understand that different websites are going to offer you a different customer base. MyFreeCams, or MFC, is notorious for the “chill hang out rooms” whereas Streamate is more focused on private shows. On both MFC and Chaturbate, members tip small amounts to get to a goal they want to achieve. On Streamate and other similar sites, tipping is done in larger amounts for private one on one shows. It’s best to try out both and see which one fits your style the most. This is my number one piece of advice to a new model to try them BOTH. You’ll never know what works with your room until you try it! Maybe you’ve never given a Jerk Off Instruction, or JOI, before and you have the opportunity to try it in a private session, you may be surprised to find that you really love it! There’s always a benefit to broadening your horizons and trying something new for your audience.

You’re going to be overwhelmed at first, and THAT’S OK! Everyone is at first!! Especially with websites like Chaturbate that have all these different bots and games you can run while you’re online. How do models even get those cute profiles? Why is this guy demanding I do something and not tipping me? What is the difference between a basic and a guest? Literally anything you’re going to deal with, everyone has dealt with. Don’t ever feel like you are alone, this something I can’t stress enough. There are numerous groups you can reach out to if you’re ever in need of support or just someone to listen to you. The webcam community is so loving and open, it’s incredible.

Sadly, harassment will happen; there’s no way to avoid a troll on the Internet. At the end of the day, if they want to bother you they will. Some models take this personally and end up logging off whenever someone comes at them this way. While I can empathize, that’s what the trolls want! One surefire way to help stop that on the public focused websites is to not allow guests talk in your room. Paying members only. It’s far less likely for one of them to say anything compared to those who can use the site for free. This will save you a headache if you are easily put off by peoples remarks when trying to put on a show. If you’re like me, I let everyone talk because I love that shit! Personally I think it’s hilarious and usually my whole room is in on messing with the troll. This isn’t obviously what I am telling you to do, because not everyone is open to that. Just know there are ways to keep peoples nasty comments at a minimum by blocking those forms of communication. This way your room can stay positive and hater free!

Sometimes, shit goes beyond fetish online. There’s going to be someone who makes you shake your head and ask yourself “What the FUCK?” For me, this moment was the guys who would ask me to perform sexual acts with my dog. The men who would express their desire to sleep with their children. It was DISTURBING. And sadly, there really is no way to know if they are doing it for your reaction since you are live, or just because they want to be funny. I like to assume they’re just being ridiculous and not serious so I don’t get creeped out too hard. Make sure you decide how you want your private messages to be cause when you keep them open, you’ll get some interesting ones. Having them closed does lead you to miss the occasional good member, but if they want that privilege enough they shouldn’t care about having to tip for it. I tend to get creepier messages when my private messages are completely open. This may not be the same way for everyone but be aware that this is something that happens.

Cum shows were scary to me because I never knew what to do once I got there. What happens if I am super boring to watch and cum in 3 seconds? Funny that we think about that kind of stuff, but it’s hard to not worry a little bit in the beginning. First things first, relax!! This really is about you enjoying yourself and whatever you have planned they will love. You can do this in public chat or private so this all depends on your preference for sites like Chaturbate and MFC. Sites like Streamate don’t allow you to show your vagina in free chat. I’ve come to notice that when I do a show in public chat, the number of people in my room obviously goes up, giving me more exposure and a higher chance for new customers. You decide how you want to go about your shows, and only you! Don’t be upset if not many people are talking while your room count grows, remember they are not really focused on typing during your show! Having a room helper is a good way to keep your momentum of tipping active while you are unable to be at your keyboard. Otherwise, simply mentioning it at the end is always appropriate but not overwhelming them the entire time you’re entertaining. There is no set length of time a cum show should be or typically is. It’s is completely up to you if you’d like to cum just once or a few times. You can use toys, hands, food objects or make a fetish based show. If you’re looking to put a length of time on an average show, it could range anywhere from 10-30 minutes. It really depends on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling! That’s why I love webcam! It’s literally all about you.

Don’t really be that upset if your talk to person ratio is completely off. This is super normal, and there’s really no way to MAKE people talk in your room. This is all personal choice all you can do is be kind and welcoming and hope that they are they type to have good conversation. Some will choose to watch you day in and day out and never say one word to you. It’s just the way it is.

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t having much succexxx at first. It takes a while for the traffic to trickle in, but one thing that helps tremendously is your “new model” tag. The first week you have this, make sure you’re hitting it as hard as you can while you’re on the front page! This is honestly the most critical time for a camgirl. I have seen models win high ranks even with a shitty first week, but it really helps you if you don’t have a dedicated social media following. I would recommend trying to hit your first week for at LEAST 4 to 5 hours a day. I know, I know that seems like a long time! Just remember this first week is crucial to you being succexxxful in the long run. Again, this is where being comfortable watching other models and studying a bit before you broadcast is important. Sitting in front of a computer for 5 hours when not many people are talking is challenging for ALL of us.

We all know this is a scary time for you deciding how to broadcast yourself to the world. It’s a step in a whole new realm you may or may not be used to. The one thing to keep in mind is being true to yourself no matter what and taking every precaution to protect your rights and privacy. There is no right or wrong way to webcam, but there is a smarter and harder way to. The only thing that separates them is time and dedication to your craft. Everyone has that newbie moment where they accidentally mute someone or don’t know how to get more people to tip. It’s all about trial and error and perseverance – which I know you have in you!

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