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Geeky Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys

With countless Marvel and DC movies coming out in 2020, there was no way we couldn’t show you this awesome brand out of Australia. Geeky Sex Toys has everything your sexy, nerdy heart desires and more. If you haven’t heard of them until now, you’re fucken welcome.

As seen in Vice, Penthouse, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, The Nerdist and more this site is truly a gem amongst the fantasy/gaming society. One thing we love is that they have a strong customer service presence and they are great at keeping you informed of your order/shipping. Also the sense of community around the brand is unmatched as they truly make everyone’s fantasy come to life flawlessly. Quality isn’t something they overlook at all. 

World wide shipping means everyone gets to indulge in their fantasies, and a great return policy saves you a headache. Honestly, what more could you ask for?! Check them out and let us know what you think! Use code SUCCEXXXFUL at checkout and get 10% off your order!


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