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Club Hella Heels

We know everyone is dying to go back to work already.. by now we all are experiencing some weird withdrawal of human contact and dare I say, actually miss the club? While you’re waiting for your chance to hit the stage again, why not shop for some hot new heels to wear your first week back!

Club Hella Heels is such a unique store that carries designs I haven’t ever seen before. This isn’t your typical Fascinations selection – this is eye catching, one of a kind designs I guarantee will make you stand out. My personal favorite is the Night Jungle collection. It’s super classy and exotic at the same time with the contrasting colors. Check them out for yourself, there are 6 other dope collections to choose from!

We also wanted to wish Hella Heels a very happy birthday as they turn 1 today! To celebrate they have a months worth of surprises planned. Yes you read that right, an entire month! The first is a three piece limited edition birthday collection that are breathtaking. Take 15% off your first purchase using code HELLAXXX – You can use this code for both websites and and make sure to subscribe to their emailing list at the bottom!

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