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36 Days Left

There are 36 days left for Open Enrollment!

As promised, here I am to remind you that your window of opportunity is shrinking and if you do not get any coverage for this OEP your only 2 options are qualifying for a special enrollment period or a short term medical plan.

If you’re unsure of what your options are, what you could be quoted or any other hesitation- we suggest talking to an agent on the phone as that’s the best way to get a policy tailored to you personally.

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As a stripper and webcam model of 14 years I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others about the industry. One thing that was apparent from the beginning was how very few places had our best interests in mind. I started succexxxful (pronounced successful just a lil spicier) as a "How To" content based site to answer questions, and changed direction when I realized how I could truly help. By offering adult entertainers better solutions to insurance information and resources I’ve created a platform designed for a chance to feel equal, secure and educated.

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